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Frequently Asked Questions Booklet for Judges

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It is the responsibility of all Judges to be familiar with all CKC rules as contained in Conformation Show Rules and in the Guidelines for Conformation Judges. The answers offered in this booklet should in no way preclude the authority of the CKC’s CSR and Guidelines but only to clarify their intent.

The answers here are intended to aid with those uncertainties but by no means should ever preclude on-going discussions with mentors or other Judges.

The FAQ Booklet was originally printed in January 2007, followed by a second edition in October 2010 and most recently a third edition in February 2018.

In 2017, the CDJA Board agreed to publish this booklet on its Website. By doing so, it ensures a more up-to-date source of information should there be changes such as CKC Rules and Regulation.

Please click here for the booklet FAQ_BOOKLET_2018.pdf