Membership Info

 Please view the full bylaws for complete information on membership - CDJA Bylaws. Excerpt from the Bylaws on Membership below: 

To Apply for Membership, please fill in the attached form and return it to the Membership Coordinator

1.    Membership Conditions

Subject to the articles, there shall be FIVE classes of members in the Corporation, namely, VOTING MEMBER, VOTING LIFE MEMBER, NON-VOTING HONORARY MEMBER, EMERITUS MEMBER AND ASSOCIATE MEMBER. The board of directors of the Corporation may, by resolution, approve the admission of the members of the Corporation. Members may also be admitted in such other manner as may be prescribed by the board by resolution. The following conditions of membership shall apply.

2.    Membership Conditions

 i.  Voting Membership shall be available to a person who

  1.  Is licensed or on Permit by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) to judge conformation dog shows at its sanctioned events; and
  2.  Has not been suspended or expelled from the membership of the CKC or an association with objects similar to the CKC and the Corporation; and
  3.  Submits a fully completed and signed application in the form and with the prescribed fee as determined by the board; and
  4.  Is approved as a member by the board.