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The Association delivers education programs to enhance the knowledge of conformation dog judges; liaises with the CKC to provide input on CKC decisions, policies and programs that affect conformation dog judging; and disseminates information to members so they can remain informed and united in their common goal of promoting critical breed characteristics and improving the quality of conformation dog judges.


An Election Commission, for the upcoming election process, has been appointed as required. David Swartwood, Karen Day and Wendy Anderson have kindly agreed to form this commission. The Election Commission is calling for nominations from the membership for the next three year term for the Board. The Nomination Form can be accessed by logging in to the membership  section - club documents.   


Applications now being accepted for the 2021/2022 academic year!

Click here for information and application form


For information and advice on the COVID19 pandemic in Canada, please go to the government of Canada Health Website HERE

CKC/CDJA 2021 Conference in Vancouver BC has been cancelled.

It has been re-scheduled for November 5 - 6, 2022 at the same location.  






The on-line seminar, via ZOOM, starts at 8:00 pm Eastern Time.
PLEASE register when you receive your invitation email and  sign on anytime after 7:30 pm ET. Hope you are able to attend!


Important Information for CDJA Members:

  • Motion 55-09-20 (Ocotber 27, 2020 CKC Board meeting)
    “THAT, the following be in place to allow clubs flexibility with their judging panels due to government COVID-19 regulations when every reasonable effort has been made to fulfill the judging panel with licensed or permit judges. This is a temporary alteration to normal judge approval practices.
    Exceptions will be permitted under the following circumstances where local guidelines limit the choice of judges to a region and no judges are available. This includes circumstances where the guidelines change prior to the beginning of the show where judges can no longer officiate.
    The club may obtain Shows & Trials Approval to allow permit judges to judge beyond their approved groups.
    The club may also seek Shows and Trials approval to select as a Judge a CKC member who must meet the following criteria:
    1) Has attended Judges 101 course.
    2) Has a minimum of 10 years experience as an exhibitor or handler.
    3) Has acted as a Ring steward within the past 3 years.
    4) The breeds and/or groups to be judged should be aligned to their breeding or handling experience.
    In the unlikely event that there is no individual who meets the above criteria, the club will be required to provide a short biography of the selected person to Shows and Trials for consideration. 
    These assignments will not count towards any future credit for assignments.”

  • CKC Policy & Procedures - Chapter 7
    APPENDIX 1 – Personal Use of Social Media Guidelines for CKC Judges [Board Motion #40-09-20] 

    Judges are held to higher standards of conduct and should abide by the CKC principles of impartiality, integrity, and ethics outlined in this section on the use of social media.
    Judges must:
    • Be mindful, when using social media, of their professional association with the CKC and strive not to bring CKC into disrepute.
    • Understand that what is said and done on social media can reflect on yourself, your colleagues and the CKC as a whole.
    • Maintain professional decorum and be aware that using social media to solicit assignments, make derogatory comments, re-posting comments or endorsements, or for self-promotion may result in
    disciplinary action.
    • Refrain from the expression of personal opinions on controversial subjects, including placements, judging, and critiques which can undermine the credibility of judges and the CKC, and erode the trust
    of CKC members.
    • Consider inappropriate public and private contacts through social media the same as verbal or written contacts and subject to regulations listed under rule 4.1.5, violation which must be reported to CKC. This includes contact or friend requests from parties having no previous relationship with the judge.

  • APPENDIX 2 – Guidelines for Exhibitors Interacting with Judges Through Social Media [Board Motion #34-09-20]

    CKC would like to remind exhibitors of the following rule:
    4.1.5  (Show Rules and Regulations) No person may approach a judge either directly or otherwise, orally, or in writing,or electronically, to favour an entry. Disciplinary action will be taken against any person who violates this rule or against a judge who fails to report any contravention of this rule to the CKC within 14 days of the act.

    Exhibitors should refrain from promoting a dog by (not limited to):
    • Sending photos of recent wins to a judge at an upcoming show;
    • Contacting a judge to discuss the merits of a dog;
    • Sending friend or contact requests to judges with which they have no pre-existing contact or

  • Permit Judges - changes were made:
    Because of COVID-19, the Board approved the following three motions, effective immediately:
    i. Judges on permit and unable to accept assignments for this permit will be allowed to commence the application for their next permit; however they may not accept assignments for this permit until the requirements for the previous permit are completed.
    ii. All judges and applicant judges will be granted a one (1) year extension of any deadlines to complete requirements for their licensing and approval.
    iii. Any permit judge who has completed a minimum of three (3) assignments and is within five (5) or fewer dogs to completing that permit, providing they have an approved but cancelled assignment due to the pandemic, will be approved as completed for their permit.

  • At the November 2019 meeting, the CDJA Board approved a FIFTY DOLLAR ($50) rebate for CKC/CDJA conference attendance once only, effective 2019 to 2022, to each CDJA Member who has been a voting member for the preceding five consecutive years.
    Members need to apply for the rebate and provide proof of attendance. Please send your email request to the CDJA Secretary 




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