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 The 2018 CKC/CDJA Conformation Judges Conference will be held in Winnipeg Manitoba on October 27 and 28.  Click here for further information.

ON LINE SEMINAR - The next on line educational seminar has been re-scheduled to Monday June 18  at the regular hour of 8 pm EDT.  Darle Heck is unable to present on the 6th of June due to a last minute international assignment.  We are  sorry for the inconvenience, but hope we can all share in getting the word out so that the membership knows of the change. For those who can't attend, the video will be made available and posted on the facebook page. 

2018 Line-up:  stay tuned for information on the fall presentations..........

  • September  5th, Virginia Lyne and Bob Whitney will present on the new judges' evaluation programme which takes effect July 1. Stay tuned for updates on the format of this presentation and have your questions ready.

  • October 3, Susan Buttivant will present on the Berger des Pyrenees ( Pyrenean Shepherd dog)

  • November 7, Tony Vandendool offers a presentation on the German shepherd.

Patrick Mudge is our on-line coordinator.  If your breed club is interested in putting on an on-line educational seminar please contact Patrick. 

If you have an educational seminar coming up or are able to offer ringside mentoring at a specialty, please send an e-mail to the CDJA Secretary and your educational opportunity will be posted on the Upcoming Seminars page.


Important Information for CDJA Members:

  • Effective July 1, 2018 the CKC standard for the German Shorthaired Pointer recognizes black or any combination of black and white as an acceptable colour.

  • Order Of Judging Information for review:
    On the completion of all group judging, Best in Show judging can begin. The group winners are brought into the ring. The judge will first select a Reserve Best in Show. The judge will then select Best in Show from the six dogs remaining in the ring. Following Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show is judged. If a puppy wins Best in Show, it is automatically Best Puppy in Show. If a puppy wins Reserve Best in Show, it then competes for Best Puppy in Show only with the Best Puppy in Group winner of the group from which the Best in Show winner was chosen. If a puppy does not win Best in Show or Reserve Best in Show, all Best Puppies in Group are brought into the ring and judged for Best Puppy in Show. 

  • Dog Show Rules and Regulations:
    14.2 Excusing
    14.2.1 (h) Baby puppies should not be excused for lack of testicles, meeting minimum height or dentition.

  • Recently, the CKC Event Officiating Committee was questioned with regard to the CKC/CDJA Advanced Judges seminar and the ability to use the breeds presented within the seminar towards relevant education for conformation judges.
    Our practice is that the CKC/CDJA Advanced Judges seminar can only be used as one (1) seminar.  However, the breeds presented within the seminar can be used separately for education related to a conformation judge’s permit application.
    While we do not issue separate certificates for the individual breeds, if the permit applicant indicates on the application that they attended a CKC/CDJA Advanced Judges Seminar where a specific applicable breed was presented and the date, CKC staff will verify that person was in attendance and which breeds were presented  that could be used.
    The Event Officiating Committee agreed that it was not necessary to add or amend the policy in this regard, but wanted to ensure that permit judges were made aware.
    Please note that individual breed presentations or ringside mentoring presented within the CKC/CDJA Advanced Judges Seminar cannot be used for the 5 Year Education Portfolio.  Only the entire seminar as a complete package can be used to fulfil a Category for the 5 Year Education Portfolio. 
    The updated Conformation Judges Permit Education Checklist is available on the website for reference. 

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